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Getting started with the Quantracker Air OSD

The Board layout

The board is entirely Open Source hardware and software. The V2.1 pcb is currently available at OSHPark . The full schematic is available here as a set of pdfs . The source code is available on GitHub .


The above diagram highlights the connections of the board [1].

The initial board firmwares are designed to be used with Ardupilot and the layout of the board connectors is designed to be compatible with MinimOSD [2] . The 6 pin header at the right hand end of the diagram is used for the MAVLink serial connection, for communicating setup parameters and to flash firmware onto the board. The Header at the left end is used for connecting the Camera and the Video transmitter [3] . Power to the video transmitter and camera can be provided at the breakout pins labelled VIDI+IN and VIDO+In respectively. There is a diode on each from the input to the output. If your Camera and Vtx are 12 V,it is easiest to solder a wire link to VIDI+IN and VIDO+In from the VIN+ pin top left of the board [4] . The 2 pin header labelled prog is used to put the board in programming mode.

The board firmware automatically detects PAL and NTSC cameras.

We hope soon to try to get some finished boards available too.

For more info , please look at the OSD index.

[1]There are many other available pins, which are broken out from the STM32F4 processor. For a more complete view of the functions on the board see the mcu schematic. The board has the capability to be a full Flight controller, as well as an OSD) With an abundance of open source flight control software , it is hoped to realise that shortly.
[2]There are minor differences.
[3]The output to the Video transmitter also provides 2 buffered Audio channels. Options include sending FSK telemetry data, audio variometer, voice alerts etc.
[4]This could probably be made neater on the next version of the board

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