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The following represents a bill of materials for the project. I calculate that, at the time of writing, I could get the project done for approximately £108(including vat and P&P) That price includes the more specialist items that you will need, but doesnt include things such as ply for the enclosures, screws, glue, cables etc.

Thanks greatly to kaos on openrcforums for providing some US sources. (These are prefixed with (US)

Please note that to get the items for that price will involve ordering ahead since some of the items are sourced from the Far East.The cheapest sources are a moving target. The first pan motor I got off ebay but then that source disappeared. Luckily I found an alternative source on Amazon.It is worth looking around. .

The p&P charges bump up the costs for some items. If you can club together, it should reduce that a bit.

All UK item prices include VAT.

PartDescriptionqtyBest pricesources (Best price firstcomments
Tracker pan motorPololu style geared dc brush motor with 30:1 gearbox and quadrature encoder.1£19.99 inc P&P Best price says its 29:1 gears but it is the same as the Pololu ie 30:1. Some have a cover over the encoder, which is nice but usually more.
Turntable (Slew ring)Turntable to swivel the moving part of the tracker on1£18.98 + £5 for P&P

Overall expensive for what it is. I hope to find a cheaper alternative. If anyone has suggestions let me know

Very expensive direct from Vex due to high postage. From Rapidonline , get 2 and you get free postage if you add something to push ex vat order over £30. Dont forget to get your pinion in the same order if you need it!
Vex PinionGoes with the vex turntable. Has to be drilled out to fit the pan gearmotor.1£2.99 inc P&P ( from me) These come in packs of 12 for some strange reason from Vex retailers at another £15. Contact me if you want a single one for £2.99 inc PnP, while my stocks last!
STM32F4 DiscoveryUsed as the brains for the Antenna Tracker on the ground1£12.77 + £5 (?) for P&P These are a bargain! Buy 2! RS online has free deleivery on orders over £30.
Tilt ServoHobby servo used for tilt on the tracker. The ones here are probably overkill, so you could use your judgement and use an alternative if you have one1£12.95 + £2.50 (?) for P&P You just need a big heavy duty servo with about 90 degree movement( which is standard). The plans however use the TowerPro 9805BB. You may have to adjust dimensions for othere servos.
Slip ringsUsed to transmit video out of and control data in to the antenna tracker.1£7.45 inc P&P They are probably these If you can afford it, go for the 24 circuit version by the same supplier.
H-Bridge moduleUsed to drive the pan servo motor1£3.41 inc P&P This is the one I used. Ideally get one based on the L298. Some are laid out slightly differently.
U-becProvides 5V at good current to drive the tilt servo.1£3.00 inc P&P
Airborne unitArduino Pro Mini used at the airborne side.1£3.69 inc P&P
Video distribution AmplifierBuffer for video data out to goggles1£8.90 inc P&P This one has 4 outputs. A smaller cheaper option would be a PCB with a video opamp.
0.1" pitch 25 x 2 header socketsUseful to mount the STM32F4 Discovery board on a strip board so you dont need to solder wires direct to the pins.2£1.98 inc P&P I would order a few sets so you can make various boards for different setups
Stripboard length x widthTo mount the discovery board on. There are several additions and versions of the project. This allows easy experimentation1£2.87 inc P&P Get a fewboards. Note that they must be 100 mm wide on the edge the the conductor strips are perpendicular to.
RS232 to TTL moduleRequired to get the data from the FrSky RcTx into the tracker.1£1.59 inc P&P A nice alternative to the serial cable would be a radio modem.
m3 x 6 mm computer screwsTo attach the pan motor4£1.99 inc vat P&P These are often used for computer cases and to mount cdroms, hard drives etc
4mm plyTo construct the casevarious£12.99 To avoid carriage its easiest to go to your local Wickes store
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